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Deep Brain Consulting - Our research

Our motto is “seeing”, not just “looking”

We see the core of our work as a direct dialogue with people: be they late adopters or youngsters; consumers or those who reject consumerism; iPhone fans, Blackberry-Fans and – should they exist – fans of both brands, etc. etc.

On to the perceptual realms of your customers
We believe in initiating dialogue, investigating intelligently, being good listeners , and looking behind what might appear trivial in order to reveal the unconscious. Which is the “Deep Brain” in the truest sense of the term. With the effect that you as our clients can time and again reconstruct the fascinating perceptual realms of your target groups and make them tangible and perceptible.

Sound out what your target thinks and feels
Let us say you are planning to re-stage your brand, for example, or launch new commercials in the German market. Which is why you would like to sound out what your target group thinks and feels. We would be happy to check for you alternative brand positioning models or commercials with your targets. Based on our research we carry out a dedicated strengths-and-weaknesses analysis and provide you with immediate suggestions of how to optimise your communication. Maybe you would you like to research your brand or your communication in several countries or cultures? In that case we would be happy to take on the coordination of international research work in those countries.

Our Credo: not just “looking”, but especially “seeing” . You can either be happy enough with “looking” – i.e. making lists of, adding up and descriptively sorting various phenomena. Or you can go beyond this by focusing on “seeing” – i.e. dealing intensively with the phenomenon, forming hypotheses, embedding them in theories, then focusing on, deducing from and evaluating them. You can certainly imagine what our passion is – this second one.