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Deep Brain Consulting - Our main fields of activity

Both pillars – marketing research and consultancy – are characterised by our depth of analysis

Our research pillar is based on the many years’ experience of our two founders.

Conceptual design and production of market research studies; development of instruments for exploration; professional moderation of in-depth interviews and focus groups; extensive analysis of the research findings and compilation of practical recommendations – these are the tasks we have been living and breathing for for quite some time.

Our consultancy pillar on the other hand is to a great extent based on our research experience.

Having looked after a whole number of clients, we have developed a great deal of expertise in insights, planning and strategy. We will therefore provide you with ongoing support in your everyday work without necessarily having to conduct primary research in the form of explorations or focus groups for every single problem or issue that might arise. Our socio-psychological background by itself and our many years of experience will prove to be an invaluable service as you are planning your marketing strategy and your ongoing" tracking" of your target groups.

We can support your routine marketing efforts from two sides – as consultants and as researchers. Our work on both levels is distinguished by its analytical depth, its superior explanatory value and a great deal of practical relevance.