Between eclecticism and reductionism
Seduction by reductionism
Avoiding dangerous "explanatory traps"
Multidimensionality as a guiding principle
The multidimensional perspective enables a holistic approach
First core component: creativity
Second core component: multiperspectivity
The great relevance of the unconscious and the emotions
Emotion and cognition are no contradictions
Psychological motives as an overall explanatory and analytical model
Three motivational clusters: activation, dominance, structuring
Deep Brain Approach: paving the way for innovative and unusual strategic methods

Multidimensionality as a guiding principle

If you wish to avoid reductionism and the explanatory traps associated with it, you have to try to confront the one-dimensionality it involves with a multidimensional method such as the Deep Brain Approach.

Multidimensionality should not be misunderstood undecidedness or as eclecticism or even arbitrariness. What is meant here in fact is that with every analysis of a problem as many different explanatory levels and disciplines as possible are drawn upon, examined separately/, evaluated and then systematically cross-linked with each other.